5 Ways to Skyrocket Instagram Marketing

Skyrocket your Instagram Marketing

Are you putting appropriate amount of resources and time into your Instagram strategy?

It does not matter whether you are launching your first Instagram strategy or tweaking the current campaign, nothing can change the fact that social media marketing must be a big element of everything you do when your marketing strategy is considered.

Before we get in the finer details about creating a solid Instagram marketing approach, let us examine a few key statistics linked with this fast rising platform that appears to have users hooked:

  • Over 500 million active users on monthly basis.
  • Almost 100 million Instagram videos and photos shared daily.
  • A global audience, with about 80% users outside US.
  • Now, do you notice why it is so imperative for your business to take benefit of Instagram as a part of your social media marketing strategy?

In past, I have discussed a range of ways to utilize an Instagram marketing approach to boost revenues. I am going to share with you 5 tools for skyrocketing Instagram marketing strategy. Better yet, they are simple to apply, full of useful and features for all kinds of businesses who require to up their game in social marketing and appeal Instagram users.

Let us get started with quickly hashing out Instagram marketing approach!

1. SnapWidget
You do the best to add top quality photos to your Instagram feeds, as frequently as probable. Even so, you recognize that this might not be sufficient for a strong Instagram marketing approach. You recognize that you should do more with sharing your Instagram images with your targeted audience.

It’s where SnapWidget actually comes into play. Using this tool, you can display Instagram videos and photos easily on your site. In addition, it even works with Twitter social network, offering you with larger media marketing boost up.

With over 100,000 clients, you never need to worry if the tool has something exclusive to offer. Because it does.

As you start to utilize SnapWidget, you will find out that there are lots of widget kinds to consider:

  1. Map Widget
  2. Grid Widget
  3. Slideshow
  4. Scrolling Widget

You can locate a use for everyone of them, but the scrolling and grid widgets are most famous among those who are interested in displaying photos on their company site.

Growing your account and your followers on Instagram is a great start, but do not stop your marketing approach there. You can utilize SnapWidget to display the images on your site, thus boosting your reach across social networks.

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2. Yotpo
What does “social curation” mean for you?

If you do not know what it means, with regard to social media website like Instagram, then Yotpo can get you on the correct track.

This will assist you “identify & collect” users generated content that narrates to your business. With this, you can take benefit of three different benefits:

  • Get traffic to your site from Instagram.
  • Boost on-site conversions.
  • Increase traffic to each product page.

Social curation isn’t as demanding as it actually sounds, but with Yotpo breaking it down into 5 distinct steps to adjust for your marketing plan:

  1. Gather and curate images from Instagram customers, influencers, prospects and others.
  2. Reasonable as a way of thanking clients, prioritizing images and adding the tags.
  3. Chooses your top images to display on the product page gallery.
  4. Create shopper-friendly feeds, to eliminate number of steps that are there between detection and purchase.
  5. Utilize curated images across lots of mediums, including Yotpo Ads, social posts and website.
  6. If you wish to strengthen Instagram photos and posts through superior social curation, then Yotpo is the roght tool for you. Yotpo is utilized by companies small and big, spanning different industries, to enhance their marketing efforts and help with influencer marketing.

3. ScheduGram
Do you’ve any in place for remaining organized and saving time? What tool do you utilize to handle your Instagram account?

If you cannot answer a yes to either of these questions, it is time to take close look at the ScheduGram tool and its many exclusive features.

This tool offers a range of tools, like the capability to schedule potential updates, Instagram feed, web uploading as well as support for many accounts.

Let’s have a deeper look at the primary features:

  • Schedule post. Will you post the photos now or later? In case you wish to schedule for future, ScheduGram lets you to do this with ease. It’s a great time saver for lots of marketers.
  • Web upload. Right from Instagram images to Instagram videos, you can easily upload and edit your media before making it live.
  • Multiple account management. Perhaps you have over one account on Instagram. Or, possibly you are an agency which manages accounts for range of clients and want to arrange lots of diverse Instagram posts. ScheduGram tool has you covered completely, with its many account management features. You do not have to keep logging in and out, however you can jump easily from one Instagram account to next.

Marketing professionals know the importance of staying organized and introducing streamlined processes. With ScheduGram, you’ve a greater possibility of making this occur.

4. Iconosquare
The main aim of Iconosquare is to assist you better gauge and optimize your own performance on social networks. This goes a very long way in assisting you know what is working and what isn’t when your visual marketing is considered, which lets you to make the changes as needed.

Before we go further, you should know that there’s a free 7 days trial available to the first time users. Moreover, no credit cards are required. This must be sufficient for all marketing professionals to have a closer look at least at the tool which could assist enhance their Instagram advertising.

There are numerous reasons why over 30,000 agencies and businesses who are Instagram users also are using Iconosquare. In general, it comes to one thing only: the depth of analytics data.

Here’s a list of some data that Iconosquare could track and share:

  • Gained & lost followers.
  • Followers location.
  • Media posted.
  • Posts on hashtag.
  • Best time for posting.
  • Top followers.
  • As you can observe, everything is laid for you. Now you can jump in from day one and simply time slot to next, to learn when you must and must not add the Instagram posts and photos to boost your Instagram marketing.

Iconosquare is the real king of analytics of Instagram, so ensure that it is a big element of your marketing approach moving forward.

5. Tagboard
If you are seeking a better method to share best content with your targeted audience, don’t look further than Tagboard.

A tagboard in simple words is a set of your social media posts, like Instagram posts and Instagram photos that share same hashtag.

There’s more to this specific tool than just creating tagboards. After you do so, you can embed it onto your site, add to the mobile apps and more.

Going a step further, your users have the capability to engage with your tagboard directly, like by adding comments.

So, give a try to this tool, by running search through its homepage:

On running the search, you will be presented with current updates that include hashtag you entered. Right from there, you easily can create a tagboard for sharing with your targeted audience and enhance your marketing campaigns.

Tagboard is easy to use and it has been proven to be effective for these types of advertising campaigns for social networks. Even though it does not become a large part of the daily Instagram advertising plan, it is likely that it’ll fit in occasionally.

There is much more to Instagram than posting on updates as well as hoping for best. A higher level of engagement tends to be what you are actually after.

With lots of considering Instagram “Social Media King”, it is natural to just spend lots of time creating killer Instagram strategy which yields results. With above tools, you are in the position to do that.