Tricks To Make Your Instagram Page Standout

Instagram is found as a photo sharing app, an app which gives way to expressing with just visual content. But now Instagram has also become a promotional platform for millions of people and their pages.
People calculate their product value on their potential to buy followers on Instagram.

  1. Timing– Knowing the best timing for you to post images or content on your page is a very crucial point. Some consider that Wednesday works great for promotional work or for promoting pages. This is because it’s the middle of the week and the posts stays for longer span and receives a slight more engagement as it gets the benefit of being a mid week post . Sundays see the fewest posts at least during the day, so your posts have a higher chance of getting noticed.
    Be consistent about the type of posts.Some researchers say that 2-5pm is the best time to post pictures and buy likes on Instagram.
    Going through “
    Characteristics of Profitable Instagram Strategies “ will help you lot in going ahead with your page.
  2. Knowing your audience- You must get to know your target audience, because only after knowing your target audience will you are able to frame your promotional strategies based on that.
    After you get to know your target audience, start liking of pictures of your target audience. A survey says that every hundred images you like you get back around 6 more followers on Instagram. If you keep following this strategy you will end up getting a thousand likes in a week thus acquire a number of views. You may also buy Instagram views for your page.Liking and commenting on other user’s photos, boomerang pictures, collages or maybe videos will always gain your page more likes.
    When you comment some worthy phrases on their updates, the users are bound to trace you back to your page. To come in the notice of people is the major issue nowadays as pages with similar content and context generally confuse people. People then like one page in place of some other.
  3. Contests– Contests along with giveaways is the new trend buzzing over Instagram to buy Instagram comments whether it is the Christmas giveaway or the valentine week giveaways. Many popular pages with backed up brands promote their products this ways. Giveaways are the new version of free samples distribution, difference being the packaging is done in a gift like way. To win a giveaway hamper users need to win the contest preceding it first. The contests organized doesn’t need to be tough, it’s just a random lucky draw that decides the winner. But the contest participation needs a few steps to be followed-
  • Firstly, your page needs to upload a photo of your product
  • Next, their needs to be a caption to this photo explaining the procedure of this contest saying that the picture needs to be direct messaged to two to three of your friends who need to like it and will help you buy real Instagram followers.
  • Next you also need to tag the same friends in the comment section
  • And the participation procedure has been completed

Sometimes these contests spread over two to three pages where the link in the bio takes you to one page then another- this gives all the pages in the chain an opportunity to be broadcasted.

The contest winner is declared on the page itself and then they are asked for their address and their hampers are delivered. Sometimes they ask the winner to post a picture posing with the hamper. This also encourages other followers to participate in such contest and get these alluring gifts.

If you are really interested in some brief detailing about these contests see this –  “ Tips for Running Instagram Photo Contests “

  1. Engagement in Posts– One needs to engage the target audience by uploading pictures with the caption “comment “along with other product or service details. This trick is said to have yielded many more comments than the pictures with plain captions.
    Create a personalized hash tag for your brand, and use it here and there and everywhere. Ask your present followers to use the hash tags.  You can even use the popular hash tags efficiently, what you really need to do is caption your pictures with popular hash tags. This results in your picture, coming up when someone does a search on that popular hash tag.
    Sharing behind the scene candid, especially if yours is a product marketing page go ahead and share the picture of your half processed product or factory images. These pictures depict the hygiene and work environment of your brand and will buy Instagram likes. People feel attached to such raw pictures to a greater extent than the planned pictures.To know more engagement tips you can see this – “Simple Tips to Gain More Engagement on Instagram Quickly “as well as the article – “Want to get higher engagement from your Instagram followers? “
  1. Grow Your Audience-
    After you know your audience you need to grow your fan base i.e. is your page’s fan base. So, how is this really done? Well, you need to get hold of some influential friend of yours who is the part of a very big social circle.
    Keep updating your bio with more influential work. Speak about quality and not quantity; even if you are a successful page owner don’t boast of you page and its popularity.
    Share the details of your Instagram handle on your other accounts as well. Share your Instagram details on the social network sites; send your Instagram links to people in your mail ids.
    We see many people flaunting the captions such as #followmeiwillfollowback and #like_for_like. Like the pictures or videos of such users, most of them will follow you back.
    Share the pictures of your followers where they have mentioned using your product or where they are flaunting your brand or brand name.
    This will encourage other followers on your page to do something similar and will buy Instagram followers for you.We have discussed a lot on gaining followers. The following article will give you a wider view on this as well – “What to Do for Getting More Followers on Instagram?“