How to Track Instagram Users Who Are No Longer Following You?

Track Instagram Users Who Are No Longer Following You

When you find reduced Instagram followers count, you never know who unfollowed you and when.

The most common way is to stay on the top of your actual follower count and check out the “Following” lists of other users to find out whether they are still following you or not.

Well, this is impractical and time-consuming idea, especially in case when you have thousands of followers and the number fluctuates regularly.

If you find that the Instagram followers count is going down and you are wondering who unfollowed you for any reason, you can track it.

You can interact with the people who unfollowed you and win them again if you could find out who did it.

Sadly, it is not possible only with Instagram. So, we suggest you some of the best apps to connect your Instagram with. They will help you keep track on your followers so you will know who unfollowed you.


It is actually a SEO tool that can be used for free with Twitter and Instagram.

All you need to register for free account and allow this app to connect it to your Instagram so you can track which user you’ve just lost.

After connecting your account, you can see your dashboard. Click “Community” and you will see the sidebar on the next tab with option “New Unfollowers”.

Choose this option to check out who unfollowed you. You can also subscribe for email so it will notify you whenever someone hits the unfollow button. But it is available only for premium subscribers.

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It is the easiest tool to use to find out who unfollowed on Instagram. All you need to connect it to your Instagram account. You will instantly know who unfollowed your account.

After connecting your Instagram account, it will ask for email address and you will see your own dashboard that teaches you about how to use it.

It will track everyone who unfollows you and you have to register and click “Check” button in top right so you can get the most of it.

You can find lots of menu options. Along with tracking on the users who unfollowed you, you can also see who doesn’t get back to you and who you don’t follow again.

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It is an iOS app that can be downloaded to your device and you can connect it to your Instagram account.

It is used specifically track the stats of followers and insights for the media, users and engagement.

When InstaFollow is used to find new people for following, it can show you a detailed report of all the followers on main tab, which includes lost followers, new followers, followers who you don’t follow again, followers who didn’t follow you back and followers who blocked your account.

With “Have Unfollowed Me” option, you can check out the detailed list of users and a follow button for all the users if you wish to follow them to see if it will ask them to follow you back.