Top 5 Applications for Instagram Promotion

Instagram is growing fast, and there is no doubt it will soon become one of the biggest social sites. The platform has not been around for that long, but its popularity is on the same level as most social platforms. Its fate became apparent when it was integrated with Facebook.

However, it an under-utilized marketing tool in the business. At the moment, less than 30% of marketers use. But there are so many cool Instagram marketing tools on the market today.

It is one thing to have an account on Instagram and a whole different thing to get the most out of it. Using these apps is the best way to let your Instagram efforts to pay. You can use them to create captivating content, monitor analytics or convert your followers into customers.


You can use Instagram views or other signals offered on Socialboss Instagram Promotion for example as a perfect way to grow your popularity. All this is to help you get the most out of your Instagram account. The apps are however too many sometimes it becomes hard to tell the best ones. The following five apps are the best on the market to get you ahead of the competition.


YouTube gets your photos on the market for your popularity creation. With Flipagram you get to take a series of photos to create a quick slideshow.
People like to watch videos that are created with a taste of fun. You can take any type of photos and make the best slideshow video out of them.
This is the easiest way to get people to follow who can actually consume the products you are selling. It provides the easiest and fastest way to go through photos manually. The best part is, the application is free of charge.

Wishpoond Instagram Hashtag Contest App

There have been some contests on Instagram, and many users have already taken part at some time. Even those who might have never done so would be willing to try it. This means your followers are expecting you to run a contest- people love contesting for a price.

This app collects photos on Instagram and showcases them for voting. The photos are presented on other platforms like Facebook or a website. Fans will enjoy providing their photos to compete for the best.

If you want to engage your current followers in the best manner, running a contest is the way to go. Everyone goes home happy as it is a win-win situation for both of you.


Many consumers purchase items based on the social media presence of the brand. In fact, 78% of the consumers buy after meeting the brand on social platforms. One of the ways companies use to achieve this is by adding links to the website in a blog. Like2buy makes things better by providing a simplistic gallery of the products that are available at the moment for purchasing.
You get a link that can be included in the brand bio. The link takes users to the landing page where you have prepared the features and description of the product.


Just as the name suggests, the layout is an app for cottages on Instagram. Among all the Instagram apps, this is the easiest application on the market.
You have a chance to select photos from either camera roll, recent photos or a specific layout provided by the app with compiled faces. As if that is not enough, there are other interesting features like mirroring, flipping e.t.c.

With this app, you can also snap up to four photos in a raw using its photo booth features. The app is free of charge.


When posting photos on Instagram, there is a size that is allowed. If a photo is wider, then Instagram will crop a big part of it – that is if you forget to post in square mode. But Instasize automatically resizes the photo to post the whole of it.

It is an app you can use to resize photos and videos in a short period. It has other features that make it even cooler.

The five apps above are among the best on the market today. They have made Instagram such an important tool for the marketing community.