18 Tools to Help Improve Your Marketing On Instagram

List of Instagram Tools

Instagram can be a really powerful platform for the marketers. With over 28% U.S. population using it now, there’s no platform better than this for the marketers who wish to market visual content.

While this app alone might be sufficient to get started, using the correct tools can ramp up the results really.

For those people who wish to take their marketing in Instagram to the next higher level, they should consider the following tools:

1. Piqora
Ever though which photos are the most efficient with your audiences or which hashtags should you be utilizing to get the most visibility for your photos?

Piqora allows you to know exactly which photos get the most comments and likes so you can continually be improving on the content strategy.

Piqora even provides exclusive hashtag analytics, offering you with important insight into which users are utilizing certain hashtags, as well as how influential those particular users are. It’s an excellent feature for finding as well as following influencers within your own niche.

2. Repost
Repost allows you to easily repost images on Instagram while offering credit to original poster. It even lets you find out which images and users are actually getting the most repost, as well as letting you search for appropriate users, contests and tags. Available on both Android and iOS.

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3. Word Dream
It’s another graphic app which is easier than simple to use. Just plug in the texts you wish for, and watch out as the application creates a striking graphic that you can download as well as share on social networks.

If you wish to play around using your graphics to add your style, you can do this too certainly. With options like style and color adjustments, text layouts, special effects and filters, you can customize the graphics to offer them a style. Struggling with finding appropriate quotes to utilize in your photos? An additional bonus is that this tool offers you with tons of motivational and inspiring quotes you can utilize for your design.

Word Dream is accessible free for limited time on Google Play and iTunes.

Tapshop, owned by Piqora lets you to turn your Instagram in online shopping portal.

If users click on the link in your profile, then they will be taken to landing page that is full of your own products that they have liked.

Then they can buy any product present on that page. The next time when they “like” an image on your feed, then they get an email automatically with a link for buying that particular product.

5. Schedugram
Do you have photos on your computer which you wish to share on the Instagram app? You’ve to get them in your phone, type your descriptions on the tiny little keywords.

With Schedugram, you now can post to Instagram directly from your computer.

This lets you schedule as well as manage your Instagram post easily via single or bulk uploads so that you can plan in advance.

Have over one account? Schedugram even allows you to manage and post on multiple accounts from same dashboard.

6. Crowdfire
Have you noticed your followers count going down ever, and wished to know who has exactly unfollowed you?

Crowdfire offers you a simple way to discover inactive followers and unfollowers, find out new users to quickly follow and keep a track of how the social media updates affect your followers / unfollowers number.

7. Iconosquare
It’s another incredible tool for seeing Instagram through the Internet.

It offers you the capability to reply to comments, look for posts by the hashtag keywords, along with the new contest feature.

This tool also lets you to see easily who your friends ten to be following, and see what content’s getting the most comments and likes currently through the Populars tab.

The tool also offers you access to whole lot of exclusive analytics, such as post distribution, talk rate and love rate.

8. Tagboard
Tagboard lets you search and follow the hashtags to notice content that’s being shared.

It is an excellent way to find out famous social media posts that you can share easily with your audiences.

In addition, it offers a great content aggregation feature that is there for websites, events, etc.

9. Diptic
It’s a photo collage application; however, it is not like most of the other collage apps.

It actually has a few features which sets it apart like animated photo collage and video collaging, which you can also put to music.

Unluckily, the full variety of this app functionality is available only for iOS; however they have Android application.

10. Sprout Social
It’s a comprehensive social media management network which also offers measurement, management and monitoring of your Instagram profile.

It can be extremely useful for marketers, since it provides one platform for every popular social network, which makes monitoring and scheduling simpler.

What is more, it also lets you manage many Instagram profiles and enhance the engagement by making one inbox for every account.

11. Layout
Layout tends to be Instagram’s own application that allows you to combine multiple images to make a single photo.

Its function might be very particular, but it still gets further opportunities for innovative uses of your current images and it is available and free for both Android and iOS.

12. Repost
It’s the most famous app for contents curation and it allows you to easily discover and share the user-generated contents.

Instagram’s limitation don’t allow direct reposting through app, so it’s needed to choose the content you wish to curate, select Copy Share Url, then proceed to the Instagram app again to complete action and credit original owner.

13. Wishpond
It’s a leads generation platform providing lots of handy tools, with the Instagram Hashtags Contest being one among them.

It’s an organized and easy method to run hashtag contest and gather all the Instagram images that were linked to a specific hashtag.

It has the features of filtering the individuals who have followed your brand also, if you set it to be the need for your contest. It enhances your productivity and effectiveness of your own Instagram contest.

14. Iconosquare
It’s among the most famous Instagram tools, which helps you arrange, understand as well as measure your contents.

It’s both a marketing and analytics suite and may offer valuable insight about your Instagram existence, your audiences and how you could improve your performance, just by analyzing engagement, most influential followers, most used hashtags and your account growth,.

It can even be helpful for UGC monitoring and comment tracking, while it’s also providing the management of many accounts.

15. Like2Buy
Like2Buy is created by Curalate to make your own Instagram feeds shoppable, turning the engagement into conversion.

A single tap makes consumers to the products they want to buy, making the procedure simpler and sales revenue high.

Its helpful analytics might offer helpful insights regarding the impression, the clicks and revenues for every product, turning Instagram in a real ecommerce tool.

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16. Business profile
Any business can make a business profile easily on Instagram, which can unlock access to insight and the abilities to market its presence.

As feature rolls out to everybody gradually, any account can easily link a FB page and make Instagram Business profile to add the needed information and obtain more professional presence.

The linking can happen with Facebook page only and it appears to be a helpful feature for any kind of business trying to develop its presence or to link its profile on the two famous platforms for more steady presence.

17. Insights
This tool offer valuable analytics regarding your Instagram presence, if you already have created your business profile, assisting you understand your audiences and what makes effective posts.

These insights consist of:

Impressions: total number of time your posts were seen
Website Clicks: number of accounts which have tapped the site link on your own Business Profile.
Reach: number of exclusive accounts who saw the post
Follower Activities: the average times that your followers ten to be on Instagram on average day
Although other platforms might offer more thorough insights, it’s still an excellent step for Instagram in order to provide its native analytics.

18. Promote
It’s the simplest method to turn any post into an advertisement.

All you’ve to do is simply pick a current post, add right button for CTA you wish to utilize, deciding on what actions your followers must perform, choose your target audiences (based on gender, location, age, interests) and choose the time your posts will be promoted.

Remember, Promotions must follow the facebook Ads policies and are reviewed usually within 60 minutes.