Tips to Attract Real Followers on Instagram

Instagram is considered to be the topmost social sharing sites to promote your products, business or services. Having a lot of followers can generate more value for the business.

It’s not just the feeling of pride which is important with large number of followers; you can also enjoy a lot of benefits from large community as free marketing, promotions and moral support. If your Instagram followers share your brand pictures and photos consistently, they can do the best marketing for the business.

You have to stay ready for any kind of communication to connect with followers. Some may recommend your product, give you important information or some may attract more followers.

Integration & Social Connections

Instagram is all about connections and social integration. In order to get successful on this visual platform, you have to create genuine and deep social connections with other users. It is the part of successful marketing.

You can sync your Instagram to other social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ to create your own marketing network. It can generate huge number of followers to make huge amount of social interaction and there are chances that a friend of your friend may like to join your profile as he liked your recent post. So, social connections and integration are important to generate real followers.

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Quality Content

Since you have connected all the personal social accounts in your personal network, you have to make quality content.

On Instagram, quality content refers appealing photos that are best in quality. You have to apply and understand basic rules like “Golden Triangle rule” or “Rule of Thirds” and learn when to take snaps, at what saturation or contrast and how to edit them.

You have to know such things properly to create stunning pictures. Otherwise, you may not be able to determine quality of posted pictures.

Tell Your Story

Every image need to tell a different story. If you are capable to do that, you will need thousands of real Instagram followers. You have to let your image speak, look for stories, search for ordinary and extraordinary people, tell stories of mindedness and happiness, tears and smiles, that are captured using your camera.

It’s about proper moment and small details. You have to try and recognize them and always find something amazing which is happening. You have to capture your special moment and share the same to the world.

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Use Some Common Hashtags

With the help of hashtags, you can search specific themes and see the photos where a common hashtag is used. By using popular hashtags, even other hashtag fans will see your photo that is connected to their hashtag and see your post. This way, you can gain more followers quickly. This way, you may use some hashtags like #love, #me, #instagood, #tbt, #cute, #follow, #photooftheday, #beautiful, #nice, #girl, #like, #Instadaily, #Christmas etc.

Use Filters Wisely

You can find variety of filters in Instagram. Some popular filters may attract new followers. Ensure that the filter improves your existing picture. Some of the common filters are Normal, X-Proll, Earlybird, Rise, Hefe, Valencia, Brannan, Amaro, Hudson and Lomo-fi.