5 Characteristics of Profitable Instagram Strategies

Profitable Instagram Strategies

  1. Are you thinking how to boost your Instagram profitability?
  2. Do you want to boost Instagram Followers and engagement?

This post will break down 5 profitable Instagram strategies. Let us get filtering right away!

Appeal To Your Targeted Market

Instagram is an extremely large platform that nearly every business’ targeted market has a substantial presence. Therefore, you should be focusing in instead of going generic with the Instagram marketing strategy.

Create content on Instagram that would be interesting to your targeted market as it makes sense. You will attract Instagram Followers who more likely are to actually be attracted in buying from you. It is a lot similar to when you run any social media marketing campaign: you should offer a prize that appeals to your targeted market, otherwise you will get thousands of worthless Followers and leads who just want that cash, iPad, or tour to Tahiti.

Feature Users-Generated Content

The Instagram users are amateur photographers. So featuring Instagram post of your fans is a great method to drum up the excitement.

If you are a brand there, you’re more exciting already than any personal profile on Instagram. If you’ve over 5,000 followers, you’re a celebrity practically. Featuring somebody’s content instantly creates a brand supporter.

Go Behind-The-Scene

Social media is all about relationships-building, and offering your Instagram Followers unobstructed access to your brand is a big part of creating that relationship.

People just love to know the details of the companies that they like.

Any business can easily do this…

  • Create video walkthroughs of your new office
  • Run biopic series on the staff which is fun
  • Make a video of the interview your frequent clients about their life stories that was shared during a meal.
  • Run Brand-Vibrant Social Promotion

Instagram is created for social promotion.

I mean, it isn’t of course; however, it damn well can be: product centric, image heavy, built for referrals and sharing, and hashtag function may be screaming sharing “#Enter2Win!”

The Instagram promotion is the quickest-growing promotion type. And it is no doubt why: they are super easy to set up, visuals are in place already, and Instagram makes it super simple to spread the words.

Regardless of whether you run a small promotion in a post directly or include a third party contest provider, incentivizing engagement with an opportunity to win a prize is an excellent marketing strategy especially on Instagram.

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Use Videos if Possible

I will not get too much into this, as it may be prohibitively difficult or expensive for some businesses out there. However if you can include videos into your marketing strategy on Instagram, you 1000% must do it.

Video is the number one way to reveal your brand personality, communicate ideas and introduce your team well and easily. A professionally-made video improves brand reputation and professionally-made, entertaining and well-written video can easily go viral.