Post a picture, get more likes and become famous

Instagram the social media hub where people view, like and comment on a photo or a video which they like or belong to their friends or find it related etc. There exists multiple reasons for an individual to explore various instagram accounts based on his/ her interests.

I joined instagram 2 years back. My friend circle was like, instagram has this and that and so many filters, etc. etc. etc. So I thought why don’t I see for myself what instagram really is, what it has and how is it different from any other social media. So when I finally joined Instagram, I realized that since my passion is photography and artistic stuff like crafts, paintings, sketches, etc. why don’t I upload the things made by me.

Uploading the media

I began my instagram uploading with a simple mobile click, it was a bunch of flowers in my home. Then eventually I uploaded more of my handmade paintings, crafts and photographs clicked by me. This was by keeping one thing in my mind that I should upload something related to my hobbies, as everybody else tended to do so.

Not so good reception

The uploads by me I thought were receiving good number of likes. But then when further photos didn’t get enough likes as even my previous posts, I thought something was wrong with my post or maybe they weren’t that good. Since the reception was so bad I felt a little down. Then I thought what could possibly be missing in my posts?

Mistakes that I could have avoided

  1. Not using appropriate hashtags to make my posts reach multiple accounts and have the reach I hoped for.
  2. Not using filters in my uploads was one of the reasons of no positive reception.
  3. Uploading things with a catchy caption always end up promoting the posts.
  4. If I had a clear idea about these kinds of things beforehand then my post likes would have been much higher than what it is right now.

This is where I felt the need of Buy Instagram followers to increase the post outreach and the number of followers of my account.

The measures I took

I also took some tips and picked up some tricks from other people’s accounts and tried to increase the number of followers and number of post likes without resorting to methods like Buy instagram followers, buy instagram likes etc. Some of them were as follows:

Catchy name

I tried to come up with a catchy name for my instagram account to attract more people.

Use of Hashtags

With the same reason as above, I tried to increase the number of Hashtags I use in my posts with a variety in them too.

Use of Instagram Filters

To make the photos/posts more attractive, I increased my usage of instagram filters and other edit options too.

Unique posts

Since I wanted my posts to be different from any other post on Instagram, I tried to keep it unique in its content and the way it was presented making sure that it was very different from other posts

Liking and commenting posts by other users too helped me take my outreach a level higher.

By making sure that I followed these steps, I made sure that my posts too had many likes and I had many followers eagerly waiting for new posts of their liking. These when clubbed together, hence led to me becoming somewhat famous on Instagram.

Buying likes on Instagram

If say I was a company or firm owner seeking out potential clients purely based on advertisement on social media, then Instagram is a good start. A client always sees the number of likes if he/she is investing in the company or purchasing the products of the company. This can be achieved if you buy likes on Instagram. Also, if potential investors want to know how customers feel about the firm then they can just see the comments section of the post as people write their reviews in there.

Thus we can say that if you buy Instagram followers, buy Instagram likes and comments, it takes up the marketing strategy of the firm on a social media platform to the next level.

Instagram as a Marketing Platform

Instagram can be used for many purposes, one of them is marketing. We can tell the world about the company we have and the type of products we sell on Instagram using a photo or a video. People when see the products post, they most of the times want other people to have tried it first and then reviewed in the comments of the post or showed some interests by liking the posts etc. This is the beginning of social media marketing strategies.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a successfully established marketing media wherein people posts about their products, their websites links along with the post etc. The number of like, views and the types of comments shows the effectiveness of the post.

Positive uses of Instagram

Instagram as a social media for posting stuff which is remotely unrelated to any of the things or ideologies is well known
But people do post things sometimes for raising money for a noble and social cause. Otherwise people may post something for selling etc.
With all these uses and many more unknown or unclassified Instagram reaches to each and every users worldwide with its hashtags, views, comments etc. making people known that something like this exists somewhere in the world.

Going Inactive for a while can be troublesome

If you lose your connect to Instagram for a short time while doing so, then you may have to start the publicity again which you did earlier and gather the customers back. This happens mainly because people have dozens of options to choose from and if you become inactive with your posts then it may convey that you are not interested in taking your products/company further. Hence it is always advisable to be active on Instagram with maye even the simplest of posts, but yeah being active is crucial.

All these posts are not just for mere show or expressing the feeling of the user being socially active, every post and every video has a story to tell others with a meaning beyond imagination at most times.