Nine Ways to Increase Instagram Followers

A business creates an Instagram account hoping to get more people to view their products and services. Instagram has an active user list of 500 million users so what better medium can one get to market their products and services?

The first few photos that you have posted after opening an account in Instagram have only garnered around 10 likes or so. There has not been any significant improvement in the number of likes that these photographs are getting. In such a situation, the following strategies would help in buying Instagram followers and eventually buying Instagram likes so that your business gets the much sought after push:

  1. Click high-quality photographs: This is actually a no brainer considering the medium we are dealing at the moment but the strange fact is that most people do not keep this simple point in mind. You do not have to buy a DSLR camera worth thousands of dollars to get good quality photographs. What you should keep in mind is that the exposure of the photograph should be good and that the photograph must be well focused. Using a modern smartphone which has good quality lens is good enough to take good quality pictures. Great photos are more pleasing to the eye and also aesthetically appealing which would eventually guarantee you more followers for your posts. Check out our article titled “Tips for Running Instagram Photo Contests”.
  2. Use a consistent set of filters: Being consistent in your filter scheme is a must to build your Instagram brand. You would be able to buy real Instagram followers if you follow this approach. Using the same set of filters would help you create an identity for yourself where your followers would be able to identify that these are your photographs by taking a glance only. This helps your photographs to be recognized easily which in turn would help you get more recognition on this platform.
  3. Share posts on other platforms: Link your Instagram account to other social media forums like Facebook and Twitter. This helps your products to get viewed by more people across all platforms and it would catch the attention of those who do not have an account on Instagram. If you have a blog, you should consider it as another place to keep sharing your Instagram posts. Read our article on “ 8 benefits of using Instagram to grow your business.
  4. Use local hashtags: Using local hashtags is a great way to reach customers in your vicinity. You can do a quick Google search to find the popular local accounts which you can connect with to generate more views for your profile. Using these hashtags would increase your chances of getting familiar with your clients who are residing nearby. There might be certain accounts which would show interest to feature your photographs and product lists on their respective pages. These would obviously help you in buying followers on Instagram and eventually buying likes on Instagram. Please refer to our previous article titled “ 18 Tools to help improve your marketing on Instagram.
  5. Use popular hashtags: If local hashtags are not so effective, use popular hashtags to reach out to a large group of Instagram users. Using popular hashtags helps you to get more views than other posts and hence would collect a lot more likes than your competitors. This is a great way to boost your account’s credibility and a good way to move ahead.
  6. Tag a location: Tagging a location lets people in your area see your photographs easily. Tagging a general location would enable more people to come across those photographs. People looking for photos near them would like to engage with your products.
  7. Share behind the scene photos: Try to invest in buying Instagram views. Instagram is a great medium to share your moments in business with your fans and followers. It would enhance your brand personality and strengthen your emotional connection with your customers. It is a great excitement for your fans to get to know the finer details behind production of their favorite equipments. This is a unique and engaging idea which would entail the clients to show more interest in your products.
  8. Run a like to give getaway: Running a simple getaway with your customers will help you buy Instagram comments. Since the barriers to entry are low it is easy to rack up a lot of likes in your profile and increase the client count. Create an attractive logo of your prize and put a like this photo to enter for a chance to win in your caption.
  9. Partner with an influencer: You need to find an influencer partner from your industry with whom you can collaborate. Take a photo of them with your product on both your and their profiles. This helps your business attain the target audience and have credibility which people can bank on.


Instagram is now the best platform to approach your clients and market your products. If you want to get more idea on this, please refer to our previous posts titled “ How I became Instagram famous” and “ 6 Common Instagram marketing mistakes to avoid”.