5 Awesome Instagram Tools For Businesses

Instagram Tools For Businesses

Unless you have been living under rocks for the past many years, you are aware of the Instagram rise to fame as a platform available for more than photos of early-morning hikes and ice cream. It is now a social network powerhouse for marketers which rewards excellent photos.

If social media also is a part of marketing strategy, possibilities are that you are using Instagram already … and we know that using Instagram is more than a photo-posting app only.


It’s a continuous staple on App Store’s “Best 100 Apps” list, and that too for good reasons.

Though one of the VSCO’s main features is its photo-sharing network, most of the users keep this application close to hand due to its wide range of quality filters and photos editing abilities, which feature sufficient tools to keep even the pickiest Instagrammers pleased.

Take benefit of VSCO’s tools and filters to make your images pop, and, more significantly, stand out in crowded Instagram feeds.

Font Candy

It is a typography app and is ideal for adding stylized, clean text to the photographs you upload on Instagram. Font Candy features tools that can be very helpful for marketers.

This app features many styles and fonts other than a large collection of editing tools. Therefore, you have complete control over the texts you add to the photo. It has some spot-editing tools too, if you want to hide the text behind any part of your photo.


If you are one of the picky Instagrammers, Enlight may be up your alley. Enlight is a fully-featured app which offers more options than the counterparts. Enlight features more “artsy” modifiers such as two-toned gradients, custom typography, curve adjustment and decals. It also offers more strong editing tools, “healing” brushes, photo reshaping, and even effects which turn your images into sketches or paintings.

This app is ideal for the businesses that demand more functionality from their editing app to get more Instagram followers. More than that, Enlight is for the people who’d like to stick with single app or taking care of all their adjustments.


Crowdfire has grown in a tool which lets you analyze people that you follow, who follow you, and who you should follow.

Although this seems quite simple, it is an excellent tool for businesses. Crowdfire also shows Fans and Admirers – the followers you do not follow back and the most engaged followers. This can assist you locate accounts you may want to engage with or follow back. Finally, the online application lets you copy followers from many other accounts, which could be a great method to engage with the people who follow your competition and aware them about your presence.


For those people looking to get in the basics of Instagram for businesses to get more Instagram followers, Iconosquare is a marketing and analytics platform. Rebuilt recently from ground up, a few Iconosquare features include:

  • Follower location information
  • Monitoring of followers growth
  • Identification of followers influence
  • Post engagement rate
  • Optimal post timing
  • Benchmarking against competitors

Iconosquare is an excellent analytics platform for businesses or professionals looking to improve performance on Instagram.