Instagram, your partner on your way to be one in a million


Instagram is not only a photo sharing application, but it is way more than that. It is a place where you can express yourself with the photos you post, where you sometimes find a friend in the crowd or sometimes it is what paves your way to the gates of success. All of this is not just for the sake of saying, but these are some of the few things that people have experienced since the day Instagram was launched.

Nowadays, expressing yourself with the visual content is the way people choose to go for the marketing of their product or for any other promotional purpose regarding their business. Along with this if they know that you are the new guy in this competitive market, then it can even help you to give you a great kick start. The best way to do any of the above said is to follow the path that leads you to buy Instagram followers.

Becoming famous on Instagram

“ How to be the guy with record breaking followers on Instagram?”. This is the one question you should ask yourself everyday if you want to make Instagram an irreplaceable part of your business marketing strategy. Instagram has about millions of users and you need to find a way to stand on top of these millions of users and make your business the most talked thing about today. Well, I would say your work is cut out. But what if I told you there is a way to get this genie out of the bottle in this market, which can grant you the wish to succeed and create a name for yourself and your company.

To get the genie out of the bottle all you need to do is to buy Instagram likes and views. To do the above said, you need to keep in mind some tips which I am about to share with you later in this article. To buy comments on Instagram or to buy views on Instagram you need to show people an image of yourself which can help them picture you whenever they come across your name or the name of your company whose marketing you are doing or it may be the product name which you are trying to sell with the help of Instagram. Once you do that the genie can’t do anything but grant you the very wish you desire, to be the owner of the most followed account on Instagram.

Solution to the Genie problem

Every question I can think of at least have three things common in their solutions and those are what, when and who. Similarly the question on how to buy views on Instagram has a what when and who type solutions to begin with.

i) What: What should be the name of your account with which people are going to link you with or they are going to link your product with, what should you post whatever you want to post there and what should you say with the pictures or videos you post are some of the starting points that every newbie on Instagram has to face. Try to find a cool and funky name if you are using it as a personal social media account and if you don’t want anyone to know your real name. But if you are representing your product or your company with that account, then it’s better to keep the name same as the product’s name or the same as your company’s name for whose marketing the account is being set up.

What you post with is what people are going to know you buy for the rest of the time if they follow your account on Instagram. Instagram gives you the chance to post videos or photos of your feelings which you want to express or they may try to show people what company you represent or it may even be you promoting your product with the help of pictures of posters or videos etc.
What you say with your pictures might be the turning point of someone’s life or it may make someone deeply and truly interested in the substance for which marketing was done. Thus, you need to tread carefully with what you post on Instagram because they are accessible to all the followers on Instagram.

ii) When: Next comes the point where you are all set to let the genie go, but you do that at the very wrong moment. To avoid such thing from happening you need to prepare a proper timeline of the things you are going to post with the correct set of pictures in their appropriate order if you try to explain something to the Instagram users with not just a standalone post but with a series of posts. Timing is crucial. You should put something up when you know it will be best received by maximum number of people.

iii) Who: Who is your audience? The most integral part of any marketing strategy is to know who is on the other side of that posts or who your audience is. Maximum number of people who are constantly active on Instagram are today’s youth. If you want your post to be received in the best possible manner, then you need to prepare the content of your post by keeping that in mind.

Not only you should be able to find your targeted audience, but you should follow them yourself once you find them. This is to show them that you might be interested in their account and thus they might be instigated to check you out and follow your account at the same time. This increases the chances of you buying real Instagram followers once you do so.

It’s all about you in the end!

Since it is so easy to do the above said, people generally forget these basic things sometimes and ends up keeping the genie locked inside the bottle forever. But if you do follow them, there’s no way you can go back from it and in the end it will all be about you or your company or your product. You will have followers, viewers and comments flocking over your posts and thus you will find yourself paving your way to a bright future.