Instagram – New Era Of Marketing


Marketing and business pursuits are concerned only to travelling and offline mediums. Truly, the line mentioned previously holds very good in the recent time but as we know change is the only constant rule of nature. The statement specified above seems to be losing value.

One may need to think and focus on the reason for the change in the marketing and business purposes. After close study, we have been closing in to the fact that online media, the impact of social media is the sole reason for this. Whether this change has been impacting the society for good or bad let us evaluate with the help of an example. Instagram is one of the widely and most rapidly increasing social platforms being used by many to showcase their creativity and earn money too.


Basically, being a social platform, it has a widely accepted global reach. People tending to reach a huge audience are using it as a means of link between the audience and the producer. Also, being just an app it does not involve any face to face talk saving a lot of time. Also, one has an increased reach towards global audience and need not travel for distances to sell various products of his/her production house. They can freely publicize their products, reducing the investment cost  too.

Instagram  has very well managed to make a very precise and effective attempt at increasing the global market with the rise of century with all its help of the tools and methods available in its functioning.

Business Profile In Making

I also have fully experienced and learnt the benefits and advantages of this particular social media app in the terms of business and marketing purposes. A friend of mine had a store of his own but its functionality was apparently negligible.

I met him when I was around and he discussed with me about his problem and I decided to make some amendments to his life to make his problem vanish away. Then I came across the benefits of this app inn business profile and decided to acquaint him to the same. One fine day, we created an account of his business on the networking giant. After this we started to post the products available at his shop and started to get some instagram likes, but such small number of likes were not enough for our accomplishment.

Then we started to search our surroundings and internet based things to learn more about the same. Going through it, we came across the method of increasing the number of followers in our account and also the likes and comments on our posts to a considerable amount.

We needed to invest in the account so we decided to buy instagram followers for our account and for the same we contacted many of the existing large database pages for providing us with real instagram followers for our account.

They willingly helped us in the same and for a small amount we intended to buy instagram followers for the account. Day by day and gradually our followers increased and we touched the magical figure of 10,000 followers in just a span of a few days.

With this increase of followers more and more people started to see our posts and contacted us for business purposes, making his shop to get back on track. But since now the likes and comments on our posts were very less as compared to other pages. So once again we decided to purchase them and sought help from various pages to increase likes on our page. We bought them from different pages which gives options to buy instagram Comments. Once made an investment on the social platform reaps benefits forever. And in our case the decision to buy instagram likes and comments proved overwhelmingly profitable for us.

Way To Success

On our journey we then also started to post videos related to our products and their prices and condition. The instagram views helped us garner more popularity and more customers for our varied products.

Again, using many of its functions we started to get messages from our instagram followers and the instagram viewers of our posts and videos about their concerns about the products available in our shop. Then adding on to the different features there came stories we started to post our products in stores too. Also, we used the Instagram stories as a means of business by giving shootouts to different followers for free.

All this helped my friend to increase his business house to a new level of popularity, making his reach to a global market and competing in the world market increasing his profits to a whole new height. I as his helper experienced the well lit side of the social media being used profitable by some genius and the most creative minds for making money sitting at their homes.


Traditional things when preserved very well tend to increase our pride and honor in them, but methodologies are the things demanding a continuous change for their survival. This is perfectly right when it comes to the marketing purposes with the help of instagram. Being a social media site no one could ever think it of more than an entertaining and a time pass activity for the whole day.

But the one who discovered its out most advantage of being able to use it as a global connecting medium for the expansion of his/her business would be a genius.

Truly respecting the faith bestowed by individuals in it, the app did wonders and made many creative minds showcase their talent and helped them achieve marketing experience at such an early age.

Truly Instagram has helped many individuals like me to receive global appreciation for their work.

And continuously being used a means of money making in the long run and helping various individuals make a mark on the global market sitting far away from the real place.