INSTAGRAM- Let’s go on an Adventure!

Imagine that you are locked in a room with all the basic amenities provided. You have food to eat, water to drink, cloths to wear, but NO means of entertainment, NO Wi-Fi. That’s horrible. I wish it was just a dream!

We humans are social animals. We like making friends, meeting old ones, laughing, gossiping and spreading a smile. Trust me, men gossip more that women do. Can’t believe? Okay, I can prove it. According to a new study, men spend 72 minutes of their day chattering compared to just 56 minutes for women. Just Google.

Okay, let’s not divert from the topic. We all are regular and active users of Instagram. If not, I bet you will start using it after reading this article. It’s always been an amazing experience for me!

Buying Instagram packages. Confused?
It’s like a jigsaw puzzle. Everything is scattered. You just need to pick up the right ones and place it correctly. Similarly, you need to be sharp enough to buy Instagram comments and likes and place them on appropriate photos.

Alternatives available

When you buy Instagram followers, packages for starters, business and small office are available at reasonable prices ($39) which provide high quality profiles to win the competition of popularity.

You can buy Instagram likes in all ranges with the freedom of choosing from the fast and slow delivery options. You can also choose a faster delivery option when you buy Instagram views. You have instant delivery options when you buy Instagram comments.

Instagram Experiences

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I was the joker of the classroom. I hardly remember sitting in the class for the complete lecture. You would always find me kneeling down outside the class! Such an outstanding child, I was! The teacher and children used to pass by, giggling at me. I loved it, not because I was shameless, but because I was spreading a smile. Now, I am a successful stand up comedian and I spread millions of smiles every day. I use Instagram as an efficient medium to spread smiles and laughter.

Girl next door

I am sure each one of us has one crush from the area we are settled in! If not, what are you doing in life? Video games? I was new to this concept of Instagram, when I found a guide, Miss Popular. She gave me different tips for increasing the likes and followers on my photos and gradually became one. I found my love, you might also find one!

Hurry up!

I have a friend who now lives abroad. He is one of the talented sketch artist I ever met! He paints as well. His struggling life got a new turn after he started posting his sketches, portraits and paintings on Instagram. He was in the limelight, getting noticed. His life got a turning point when he decided to buy real Instagram followers. The satisfactory results encouraged him to buyInstagram likes, Instagram comments and Instagram views.

Don’t be a Greedy pig

Buying Instagram followers can be attractive, but beware. You need to use it wisely. Buying Instagram likes can help you build your followers, but can also make your image look unconfident. It’s good to learn from others mistakes. Buy Instagram views, likes and followers by limiting your needs.


We meet different kinds of people on social media. The stalkers are the ones who blow our top. Girls are not the only victims, boys struggle with them too. Stalking is okay when it doesn’t bother the opposite person, but as soon as it gets irritating, it should be stopped.

Not so innocent

We have come across many popularity stunts, weird ones, risky ones and the ones which target the gullible crowd. My friend received a message from a guy who said he was a cancer patient. He requested her to complete his last wish, a vulgar wish. She didn’t entertain him and blocked. That’s really weird. Isn’t it?

Everything is fair in love, war and race for success.

People call it “Cheating,” I call it “Ambitious Thinking.”It is okay to buy likes or followers if it is giving you a helping hand and not harming anyone. Let’s have a brief outlook at the pros and cons of buying Instagram packages.

Advantages of buying Instagram packages

  1. Buying Instagram likes and followers can give you a kick-start, you don’t have to start from the scratch.
  2. You can promote your brand, increase your product awareness and build trust in your followers by buying Instagram views and comments.
  3. Buying Instagram likes and comments can make sales. Repeating leads to remembering, and remembering leads to sales.
  4. The communication gap between the client and business reduces, increasing reliability and productivity of your marketing campaigns.

Disadvantages of buying Instagram packages

After buying Instagram followers, the maximum crowd that follows you is not the “real one.” They can be inactive accounts that seems active on the outer side. It is a small part of a marketing campaign, it gives you an initial boost, but it is just a start. It can also give birth to a crowd which passes negative comments for buying Instagram comments. This can be necessary in some cases.

It can be an open invitation to scams.

Extra care

  • Be as sure as the sun rising when you are spending your precious money. Take care of these following things while choosing a good company.
  • Be careful while choosing a right company. Be as selective as you are while buying tomatoes.
  • Read reviews of the company before proceeding further to avoid scams.
  • Have a good research fellow to know the seller company in and out.
  • Read all terms and conditions carefully so that you know exactly what will be served on your plate.

When you buy followers on Instagram be sure that you get sufficient number of likes that are complimentary with your number of followers. For example, if your profile which has 15k followers gets only 50 hits, even a little kid can guess that something is fishy.

Winding up

What do you do when you are alone at home? Do you like blogging? Have you thought social media as a career option? Do you want to feel like a leader? Buying Instagram packages are something that seems negative, but it’s okay, just like the lie told for a good reason.

Instagram not only helps you in passing your time but also helps you to make a living from it, by promoting your brand, marketing it digitally and building loyal customers. It is all about photos that are a visual treat and engaging with your followers.