How Instagram is different from other social media platform?

Instagram: Need no introduction, It is one of the most popular Social media platform now-a-days, crossing a vast no. of 700 million active users. Instagram was developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and was launched in October 2010 for IOS platform, later on, its Android Version was also launched on April 2012.

Instagram was sold to Facebook, on 9th April 2012. After which it’s Windows version was also launched in 2016. Instagram is a social media platform for sharing images, and limited length videos to those who are following you. You can also see the posts of those whom you are following, or whose profile privacy has been set to be public.

Similar to other social media platform, you need to create an account to get register your self in Instagram and share your posts. When you create an account on Instagram, you are asked to choose a Unique Username, It’s one of the rare features in Insta that lacks in many other social media platforms, which result in names duplicasy, and can confuse a person with some other person, having same usernames.

Another feature that differentiates it is the posts that we can share can only be photos, with texts allowed and videos. Unlike, other platforms which also allows people to share texts, Instagram was mainly developed for only image and video updates that too of limited length. Initially, only images that were clicked exclusively from Instagram were allowed to be uploaded, but now it has access to the device stored and has permitted its users to upload any image from there also.

People in Instagram, who wants to connect with you can follow you, buy sending you their follow request, if your privacy is set to private then only on your acceptance they can view your posts. To be able to see each others post, both the people have to follow each other. Otherwise the person following you will get your uploads in his timeline, but you won’t get his feeds on yours unless you are also following him. A two way approach is needed.

Other features like; Unsend your message,it deletes the message from both the ends, so that the people you sent the message will also not be able to see it after it’s unsend by you, other one is hashtags “#” ,it is used to increase to reachability of a post, Tags, it allows you to tag or mention your friends in posts, etc are some of the feature that makes it different from others social media platforms.

Do’s and Don’ts

Everybody now-a-days is present on one or other social media platform, and busy in enjoying people’s attention. But on being a social media, under the reach of crores of people, a person need to pay attention towards his privacy. People are so obsessed of being famous, getting more and more likes and comments, that they unintentionally and unknowingly are doing things that sometimes even proves to be a life threat to them, as clicking selfies in places where there is high risk getting injured, some are playing pranks that are risky for them and others, etc. just to increase their popularity.

There are many sites which allow you to buy likes on instagram, buy followers on instagram, buy instagram views but you should pick the site carefully to buy real instagram followers.

Popularity can be genuinely increased by frequently being active on Instagram, and uploading things that are genuine, interesting, approaching, and of people’s interest. Your friends are interested to watch you, your activities, your fun, that’s why they are following you, you can also share some funny, interesting, or informative videos that may attract people. Your frequent and amusing posts are the one that can help you gain popularity.

Always choose a nice display picture of yours, so that your friends can recognize you, can send your request to follow. The username should always be easily recognizable. Write something, capturing about yourself on your profile so that people may know you better.

Different uses of Instagram and how people utilized it

Instagram being one of the most popular social media platform today, can also be used for various purposes as marketing your product, promoting your business, spreading awareness regarding various contexts, showing your creativity, exploring your ideas etc.

My friend Virendra only, has a great success story that began through Instagram. He used to work as an office boy in my company. As our company was an IT firm, graphics designing was quite an ordinary work. In about 7 months, I joined this company, while he is 2 year older employee than me.

Watching designers design their creativity, he also got interesting. From the very time I joined I have seen him designing banners, giving ideas to the designer, coloring uncolored photos in his free time, editing pics to the extend they become completely different and amusing from what they actually were before.

Seeing this much of the talent we all other employees suggested him to create an account on Instagram. We all followed him and asked him to upload his best works till date. He made his profile public so that his creativity can reach to as many people as possible, he added his description and his number for more information. Frequent posts are the key to be in the limelight, he used to post creativity frequently and we used to like his posts.

Watching us follow him many other followers of ours too started following him. After being famous he started getting calls on the number he mentioned in his profile for work. Now he works for a variety of people asking him to do something new and explore his potential every other day. He also works as a part time photo editor in a photo studio. He is now earning through his passion, exploring himself every day and is doing something new and creative, which is always dreamed of.

There are plenty of people getting famous for their work and creativity, just by uploading their work on social media, and letting it reach to everyone, though it is a time taking task, but with continuous efforts, one can expand his work enormously. So you can either do that or buy instagram followers, buy instagram likes and buy instagram comments.