How To Get Instagram Followers Quickly and For Free?

Do you make use of Instagram for your business development? If not, you should start using it immediately. Instagram works really! So, here are a few ways to get many more Instagram followers quickly and for free: Post REMARKABLE photos!

On Instagram, stunning photographs are a must.

The photos are how individuals communicate on Instagram. This app is an excellent way to share a story with the whole world.

Below are a few suggestions if you are struggling to think any photo ideas:

  • Your employees
  • Your products
  • Behind-the-scene shots
  • Shots from city where your company is located
  • Throwback Thursdays (#tbt) — use #tbt hashtag to share photographs from the past on Thursday
  • Know Your Audiences

Know all you possibly can about your audiences — including their likes and habits.

This is particularly important when deciding when and what to post.

Use Popular Hashtags

Now, you can get many more free Instagram followers simply by using famous hashtags to get the posts before more users.

However do not go overboard.

Use only those hashtags that are related to your photos. Sometimes businesses attempt to create their hashtags, which generally does not work. If you and your business does not have large number of Instagram followers, just make use of popular hashtags such as #tbt, #love and #photooftheday to market your posts

Run A Contest

Contests are a tremendous way to make people talk about your company. Look for the #contest hashtags on Instagram. You will find over a million photos quickly.

Here are some SIMPLE contest ideas that you can run:

  1. Use this Hashtag: the fans make use of your hashtags on their photos – then you select a winner from all.
  2. Re-post: the fans will re-post your photographs on their Instagram account – known as “regram” — you choose a winner from all.
  3. The Theme Photos: the fans follow the theme you choose and post the photos based on the same theme — you select a winner from all.
  4. Seek Out Influencers Within Your Industry
  5. Networking with influential people online within your industry is an excellent way to get free exposure.

However it is not simple. Building healthy relationship takes time. Therefore be patient!

First, recognize the topmost influencers of your industry. Discover them and start a conversation on Instagram with them. After you have built rapport, get in touch with them via emails for detailed interactions.

Make them notice your company!

After they come to know you a little, strengthen the relationship by sending VIP gifts by your business.  Remember, it is useless to send any gift without establishing a connection first, because the person will not know who you’re. If they like your product and your business, they may just share a photograph of your gifts with their Instagram followers — exposing your business to new audiences.