Get Huge Likes On Your Instagram With These Hacks

Today, we are going to discuss about the fastest growing social media site which is really growing quickly and offering some serious potential for your online business. Yes, it’s Instagram!

Along with social media marketing, there are other mediums of online advertising, such as pay per clicks on search engines. It is no denying the fact that Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn are other powerful mediums. But Instagram is just few years old but it has enjoyed huge prominence with up to 150 million users across the world. You can enjoy wider reach across the world by displaying your business services and products with Instagram pictures.

Using Common Hashtags

Hashtags provide a great boost to your likes for your pictures. They can be based on any subject, such as processing or style of photography, location of apps and Instagram filters. You can choose from different types of frequently used tags, such as #instagood, #photooftheday or #tigers. You can also check out the hashtags used by other users. If you couldn’t find it easy to use these tags from your device, you can also post your picture from the device. Then you can use web based interface of Instagram and copy/paste the hashtags.

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Enroll in Community Activities

There are lots of Instagram activities you can enjoy on mobile social networks and enjoy a lot of options to join in. JJ’s daily forum is probably one of the biggest community activities to date. Josh Johnson is a user who has 280,000 followers by starting this community activity. He has thousands of members and he expanded his forum with a lot of editors to highlight the pictures daily. You can find daily themes and submit your pictures by following him. Themes are usually based on content or style, including reflections or black and white.

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Enhance Creativity

You might like to try filters on Instagram but you shouldn’t stop there. Even though they are the best choice, you can find a lot of options with iOS and Android apps for passionate mobile photographers. There are several creative apps to generate amazing photo collages. You can add your own style to make your presence on your photos. You can build a unique style or niche to get noticed quickly and easily and you can soon build a large number of Instagram followers.


Engagement is one of the most important secrets of success on Instagram like other community on social media. You have to spare some time to the converse with your Instagram followers and connect with them so they will give you back the same. Like the photos of others and leave sensible comments to grab their eyes. When people from out of the group of friends, pay attention to your photos, you can easily expand your network. You have to be selective about the pictures you like to enhance engagement.

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Get Featured
Though getting featured is difficult, you can get thousands of followers daily. If you get selected, you can stay on for a week and you can enjoy great exposure on social media.