Simple Tips to Gain More Engagement on Instagram Quickly

Gain More Engagement on Instagram Quickly

Instagram may have more than 500 million users; however, that does not mean that they are all going to begin following you automatically. It can surely be discouraging to share any post you put effort and time into, just to get cricket in response.

Do not worry, though. It is by no means the lost source! If you apply some simple Instagram practices, you can begin getting more engagement and followers in no time at all.

So, here are 12 tips you can apply today to begin enhancing your Instagram account and profile.

1. Post at Right Time to Be Noticed by Followers

The time that you post has a great effect on what number of potential people can notice your post. Nearly 46% comments that you will get on any post occur within the very first hour of posting it, therefore you certainly should optimize your timing.

A few studies have examined Instagram timing and general finding is that the most excellent time to post include Monday and Thursday at around 2am, 9pm, or5pm. Of course, that isn’t to state that you must post at those specific times only. But you must attempt to schedule your most excellent content around those times. Always remember that your precise timing depends on culture and time zone of most of your Instagram followers.

2. Use Top Performing Hashtags

The hashtags help individuals find your post, which means much more engagement and better chance to get followers. But not each hashtag is made equal. You should use the hashtags that are getting the top traffic if you actually want to develop your account.

A good approach is to find the best hashtags only for your particular post/niche. That way, you are still utilizing hashtags that are famous for your audiences, but you aren’t trying to fight against the whole world. Just remember – though it is good to make use of hashtags, do not go overboard. As per some research, using nearly seven hashtags tends to be the sweetest spot for engagement.

3. Get Engagement With Captions

The diverse captions you add into your post have a great effect on what level of engagement you produce. To maximize the followers and engagement your posts produce, you must follow the best practices below:

  • Put the most imperative information first – while limit for the Instagram captions tends to be a strong 2,200 characters, the Instagram app will cut off the caption after about 3 lines of your text and hide rest behind “More” button. That is why you need to always include the most imperative part of your own copy within the first three lines.
  • Ask questions – asking some questions in your captions is a great method to produce comments.
  • Tag others account – if you are talking of another Instagram user, ensure to tag them always so that they can join your conversation.
  • Include call to actions – want the readers to leave comments? If yes, it really helps to notify them that! Include call to action courteously asking your Instagram followers to tag friends, leave comments, or anything else that you would like to achieve.

4. Run Contest to Get More Instagram Followers

Instagram is an ideal platform to run straightforward giveaways and contests. You can ask the readers to comment, use specific hashtags, and/or create their pictures. All these actions result in more followers and brand awareness.

A slightly more superior tactic is to just sponsor contests on the other users’ accounts in Instagram. You’ll probably need to pay the users to host the contest, but it is a great method to get your access to new Instagram followers.

5. Trending Topic

If a hashtag related to your business or brand is trending, take benefit of it and get tremendous benefits quickly. Of course, the trending hashtags get lots of attention from many people, and photos don’t remain up at top for very long, but it’s still an excellent way to get before lots of new users. So, do it when hashtags are related to your business only though; otherwise, you will be too disturbing and will puzzle your existing Instagram followers.

6. Humor

Humor is an excellent way to link with people. Not just does it shows your outstanding brand personality, it even makes you more unforgettable. Show your humorous side from time to time to show that you are on Instagram not only to sell, but to link with real people as well. Have fun with this app, as it’s an excellent platform to just engage your followers as well as strengthen your lasting relationships with them.

7. Do Not Forget Your Colors Palette

Try and develop a constant color palette for your posts. Utilizing colors constantly can help you grow an identifiable style.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, two different studies found that, for Pinterest at least, images that included reddish tone got shared more frequently than the ones with black or blue tones.

8. Be Consistent With Fonts

If you are putting out images with some text on them, you must try to make use of your fonts over and over again. In addition to the color palette, steady font use will even help you grow your brand style that the users will recognize instantly.

9. Post Consistently

It has been found that most of the major brands post 1.5 times/ day at least. Additionally, some studies have found that there is no negative repercussion when brands posted more often than this.

As a result, if you wish to grow your Instagram followers, you must try to post once per day at least. And you can always feel free to post higher without hurting engagement.

10. Respond to Comments

Responding to all the comments is one among the best methods you can increase engagement on your post. Each response produces a positive feedbacks loop that results in larger and larger comment section. And if you pose questions in your response, you can then amp up engagement more by getting your readers to leave second comments in the response.

11. Repost Your Content to Facebook Too

After analyzing more than a billion Facebook posts, it is found that Instagram images shared on Facebook platform get 23% higher engagement than the ones shared on Facebook directly. So if you wish for more bangs for your buck, think about cross-posting your Instagram contents to Facebook right away.

12. Include Faces in Images for 38 Percent More Engagement

You must try to incorporate faces in your Instagram posts whenever probable if you wish to get more engagement. A combined study from researchers found that photos on Instagram with faces included got 38 percent more shares than the ones without them.

13. Discover and Interact With Your Niche Influencers

Linking with influencers is a vital part of an Instagram growth strategy. However, the issue is that most of the online tools show biggest influencers only, who are frequently hard to reach. To keep away from your competition, you can utilize the Instagram smartphone application to turn up a few helpful influencers within your own niche.

14. Use Instagram Promotion Tools

Most of the tips above need manual efforts. But if you are strapped for time, then you can even turn to Instagram promotional tools. They can assist you boost followers by interacting with fans automatically in different ways.

For example, a few tools allows you to automatically like, follow, and comment related users. Why is it imperative? Because the straightforward work of engaging with others accounts can increase your followers and likes all by itself.

You don’t wish to just go overboard with the automation, but provided that it is part of any well-rounded approach it may be another excellent way to improve your account.

The Final Thoughts

Instagram could be a capricious beast. However if you apply these tips, you will be on your own way to making a successful account. simply remember that success will not come overnight always – you will need to put out content consistently and apply these practices to get the most excellent results.