6 Common Instagram Marketing Mistakes to avoid

Instagram Marketing Mistakes to avoid

Did you know that Instagram attracts more than 1.2 billion likes every day? Well, Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform today with about 300 million active users per day.

Its remarkable growth rate makes Instagram perfect for online marketing. Success hungry entrepreneurs are now turning to this platform to promote their brands. Many are living their dreams after utilizing Instagram marketing well.

Nevertheless; others fail to taste success due to committing horrendous Instagram marketing mistakes.

  • Snubbing User Comments

Ignoring to reply to the comments and questions of your audience is the fastest way of getting unfollowed on Instagram.

User engagements play a significant role in promoting brand awareness, building brand value, better conversion rates and better sales. There is a costly price to pay for entrepreneurs who choose to ignore their followers’ comments.

The last thing you want as a businessman is to send the wrong signal to your followers. People are more likely to boycott your brand particularly if they feel that you do not value them.

The best way of avoiding this terrible Instagram marketing mistake is to keep your followers fully engaged. Focus on replying all their comments, answering their questions and elaborate on things that they don’t understand.

The only way to win over your followers’ loyalty and trust is by giving them the attention they need. Aim at building long-term trustworthy relationships with your audience to succeed in Instagram marketing.

While at it, desist from leaving some destructive remarks on negative comments to avoid wrecking your relationship with your active followers.

  • Making your Instagram profile private

Have you made your Instagram profile invisible? Sorry to break your heart but that’s a terrible move.

Many investors commit this mistake and pay a very high price for it.For starters, making your profile locks out all non-subscribers. As if that’s not enough, your followers will think that you do not really need them.

Instagram is a very powerful social media marketing platform. The most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who market their brands through their Instagram profile accounts. Make your Instagram visible to everyone. This is a smart move that all success- hungry internet marketers make.

The results of this vital decision are always impressive. It is prudent to let the existing subscribers and non-subscribers that you value them. Instead of making your profile invisible try convincing your followers that you cannot make it without them.

It is wise to refrain from restricting your audience from, enjoying unlimited access to your photos, videos, audio, and updates. You will be amazed by your effects of opening your profile to the public.

  • Inappropriate use of Hashtags

Hashtags really matter in Instagram. Wrongful use of hashtags can lead to devastating consequences. As a matter of fact, hashtags are a vital Instagram necessity. Instagram users must include hashtags to their posts.

This move makes it easy for users to find you online. Surprisingly, Instagram permits their users to use up to a maximum of 30 hashtags. Exciting, right? Well, brace yourself for bad news! Cramming too many hashtags on one post can dent your credibility drastically.

Limiting inappropriate use of hashtags boosts your visibility and credibility. Consider using relevant, limited hashtags to drive increased traffic to your profile. Social media users hate complicated hashtags. Overflowing your posts with irrelevant hashtags will limit your audiences’ interest.

  • Failure to set strategic goals

Setting strategic goals is the secret to a successful Instagram marketing campaign. All successful Instagram marketers are goal driven.

Integrate building solid brand awareness into your goals for effectiveness purpose. Centralize all your strategies, plans and ideas around your goals for major achievements on Instagram.

Lack of a goal-driven strategy results in limited opportunities and wasted effort. Focus on posting high quality and unique photos to succeed in building brand awareness. Having a goal driven strategy influences your Instagram posts, photo, and hashtags among others.

  • Incomplete Bio

This is one of the most catastrophic Instagram marketing mistakes people make. You need to provide a well-detailed bio to attract a large following on Instagram. An incomplete bio is always a big turn off for followers.

The first impression matters a lot in Instagram. Take your time to provide your followers with a complete bio. Provide a crystal clear description, call to call action, and top quality profile photos to lure followers to your page.

Take advantage of Instagram to create links to your business to increase your web traffic. Attracting a large Instagram following will effectively result in higher conversion rates, increased sales and better profits.

Followers need to know who you are before they can decide to follow you on Instagram. People need to trust you in order to get interested in your profile and brand. An incomplete bio will give your followers the impression that you are unreliable, incompetent, untrustworthy and unprofessional.

  • Duplicating Content repeatedly

Social media followers are always hunger for unique content. Followers get attracted to interesting, informative, entertaining, valuable and relevant content. In fact, it is the best way of proving your brand’s trustworthiness and reliability.

Unfortunately; many entrepreneurs don’t reap the benefits of Instagram marketing due to duplication of content. Developing great content is a powerful tool for attracting the right crowd to your profile.

People get bored easily by boring, irrelevant, and regularly duplicated content. Consequently, duplicate content gives your followers a good reason to unfollow you on Instagram.

Unique content is the golden key to driving increased inbound traffic to your profile. In addition to that, it will boost your sales, profit margins, and business growth.

Avoiding the above Instagram marketing mistakes will help you grow your business incredibly.