How to Build Engaged Instagram Following?

Want to get higher engagement from your Instagram followers?

If you wish to get engagement on Instagram, then there is a lot you can actually do to boost your brand’s visibility to quickly get more Instagram followers.

Here are the most important tips for building engaged Instagram following.

Include Clear Call to Actions

On Instagram, CTA appears either in image itself or in caption.

A simple method to gain more engagement is asking your Instagram followers to “tag people you love the most” in caption. They likely will tag others in comments.

Use Location for Call to Actions

As Instagram allows only advertisers to share clickable links in their posts, so adding text to the location is an excellent workaround to underline call to actions.

Do Shout-out for Shout-out

On Instagram, you may find individuals commenting on your photographs with acronym S4S, which refers to shout-outs for shout-outs. Shout-out is just when you market somebody else’s Instagram account to your Instagram followers.

To quickly get your ball rolling, look out for pages with similar target audiences. To find such accounts, type in keywords in Instagram users search or do web search for the specialty plus “Instagram account.” After that reach to them by making a request privately or publicly.

Differ Caption Length

Though Instagram is mainly considered a photos sharing app, some brands utilize it for sharing written words. Every Instagram post allows for 2,000 characters in captions, therefore why not push limits and try out something different?

Do not underestimate the great power of words ever. If your business has the capability to tell any story using words, then go for it. You can also try different short and long captions to find which kind of content booms better with your audiences, and choose a winner.

Promote Your Instagram Account on Other Social Media Platforms

After you have established a great presence on Instagram, share your posts and content on other platforms too. It’s a great way to encourage more individuals to follow you.

Promote your account on Instagram on other channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Get creative with Instagram marketing. Other than sharing your own Instagram account URL or name, give the users a sample content they will find on Instagram only.

Interact With Others Content

Do not use hashtags only to distribute the content more efficiently; also utilize them to find out like-minded users that do same thing.

For instance, if you are in fitness industry, look for hashtags such as #FitnessAddict or #Fitspiration. Then engage with the users who are also sharing content using similar tag.

When you comment on or like somebody else’s content, user will get a notification which shows your name and avatar. In a few cases, the users will check your profile, and, in case they love what they see, then they will follow you back and connect with your posts as well.

Wrapping Up

With over 300 million of monthly users, it is no wonder that over 40% Fortune 100 companies use Instagram. With the correct Instagram marketing approach, you can get great returns for your brand or business.

To succeed on Instagram, simply commit to create and share photos that are relevant and interesting. Engage with other similar accounts so that you can push each other towards success.