Captions are an integral part of any Instagram post; they give an insight to the picture that has been posted.
Instagram is the photo sharing app which has revolutionized the experience of photos being shared and is a way of sharing a complete story in a photo.
There should always be a reason why the picture was clicked and the reason behind uploading the picture. Every picture that gets uploaded on an Instagram page or profile has some story behind it. However, people often try to unfollow similar selfies by some selfie freaks.
So listed below are 5 tricks to make the caption catchy and also buy Instagram followers

  1. Captions with the word “ comment “ or the word “ suggest “ – Here captions are uploaded with the word “comment “ or “suggest “  imbibed in it. You may ask for suggestions on whether the particular color of the material under consideration, say the “phone cover “is attractive or not? Some posts also encourage the users to leave a comment below to know the price of the customized product which is later on messaged in their inbox. Such posts become interactive posts all over, the posts that will buy Instagram comments for your page.  And people start commenting and giving suggestions regarding the post, and the well being of the page.
    They appreciate the posts, some even open up a conversation with the page admin.
    They tag the page and send interactive comments to him. If such interactive comments are paid heed to, this will surely buy followers on Instagram for the page on a large scale.
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  2. Captions with #hash tags – Instagram has hundreds of famous hash tags which are simply interactive phrases. There are hash tags with phrases such as #followtofollowback , #liketogetlikes, #instafollower , #instaliker , #instaupload these hash tags make the post to be available when someone searches  for the specific hash tags. When your posts come up on such searches they buy likes on Instagram for you. They will help you to promote your page and increase the fan base of your page.
    Some pages can also generate their own product hash tag and use this hash tag in every post, every comment they make. Also ask the followers to carry on with this trend further for the welfare of the company’s page.  When followers create posts with these hash tags the hash tags get famous day by day. And later when people search items by those hash tags the product on your page will come up in those searches.
  3. Captions with giveaway details– Set captions with details of giveaways organized by the page and buy Instagram likes for the posts. This will help you to multiply the number of likes that you would earn from your usual posts; after all, who doesn’t want a set of quirky goodies, or fashion product and that too at the expense of just a few minutes of liking, tagging and commenting!!
    Giveaways are generally organized on certain festive occasions when users expect gifts in reality as well. It adds up to their eagerness and excitement for new things in this season.Giveaways are a way of promoting a business and advertising their brand and new products. It is the advanced form of distributing free samples through a contest where a lucky draw is conducted and the hampers are mailed off to the address of the winners.
  4. Captions with hash tags of follower’s names selected in random order – Every page has its own bucket of followers list, which can be accessed easily by viewing the followers list. So a page can post a picture and tags some of its followers in the post and then hashtag their names. This feature opens up a wide arena in front of the page owners.
    New people get to know the page of your product or services more and more. The posts get more likes than the usual untagged posts and thus buy real Instagram followers for your brand page.
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The followers who have been tagged, “like” the pictures and are happy about their names being hashtagged in the pictures.  Also, the followers of the followers who have been tagged get to see the posts and if they too like the content, you can be sure of reaching the desired lot of people.
So this amount of contentment from the user results in an increased number of happy followers.
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  1. Caption with emojis– Emojis have always attracted people to the brand pages. The emojis attached to the videos, images or collages that you upload on your Instagram handle increase the attractiveness of your page and thus buy Instagram views for your videos and photos. Some famous pages make use of certain symbolic emojis as their emoji signature and repeat it in every post they upload.
    Viewers always keep a look out for those posts and highly appreciate the posts and their consistency. This increases the fan following of the page and attracts more followers. If you need to know more about getting more and more followers, just go through this post for a while “  How To Get Instagram Followers Quickly and For Free? “

These are the caption making tricks which can attract more followers and increase the brand value of your page.  Go through these and implement them and you surely will succeed with your page.
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